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Warning! Properly fit golf clubs may cause an improvement to your game!

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Yes, it’s true! Golf clubs that fit YOU and your swing are likely to cause you to hit better shots and lower your score. If this concept scares you, do not read any further. If, however, you actually want to hit better shots and shoot lower scores, read on.

The golf professionals here at the Rollandia Golf Performance Center have the ability to not only custom fit you for new clubs, they can most likely “retro-fit” your current set to make them more playable for you.

If you are one of the thousands of golfers who purchased their clubs “off the rack”, they probably don’t fit you any more than an “off the rack” suit would. Because we are all built differently and most certainly swing differently, “stock” clubs rarely fit.

Manufacturers build clubs for the masses. Their specifications, while generally good, are seldom perfect, in terms of loft and lie, and one company’s stiff shaft may be another’s regular shaft. In other words, there are simply no “true” standards for building clubs in the golf industry.

Bottom line: for better golf, see the golf professionals. Not only can they properly fit you for your clubs, but they can teach you to use them more effectively, too.

Now, how can you not like that? You’ve been warned!!


What’s the Criteria to Consider Yourself a “Complete’ Golfer?

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To be a “complete” golfer, you must be able to consistently do the following:

  1. Put your tee shot in play 80% of the time. This doesn’t necessarily mean using your driver. In fact, you’re always better off in the fairway or light rough, even when you’re 10 or 20 yards shorter than a drive that’s in the trees or out-of-bounds.

    Without a tee shot in play, you’ll be put on the defensive and this is no way to play your best golf.  The solution is to find a club in which you have a great deal of confidence and use it to put your ball in play. This is very important!

  2. Put any shot from your pitching wedge to a 7-iron somewhere on the green 80% of the time. To score low, you must be proficient with short irons.
  3. Hit your medium irons and fairway woods solidly. If you can hit 4 – 5 – 6 irons and fairway woods solidly, your scoring will improve dramatically.
  4. Be able to pitch the ball onto the green consistently from 20 – 60 yards. This is truly the “scoring” shot that will save you many shots during a round. You should be able to get this shot within 25 feet of the hole 90% of the time.Additionally, your greenside bunker shots should consistently stop within 20 feet of the hole.
  5. You must chip the ball consistently enough to get up and down at least 70% of the time when just off the green. Practice being proficient with more than one chipping club based on the varied type of shot you will face.
  6. You should work very hard at being able to make 60% of putts of 5 feet or less; 40% from 5 – 10 feet; 20% from 10 – 20 feet, while always getting putts of 20 feet or longer within a 3 foot radius of the hole. 3-putts are very costly.

All players have strengths and weaknesses, but we tend, for some reason, to practice our strengths more. Analyze your game closely and honestly to determine what parts really need work. With diligent practice and drills designed to improve each facet of your game, improvement will follow.


Good luck!!